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How can I easily write equations in LaTeX?

Short of constructing the LaTeX for the equation by hand, the easiest method is to use a program called Maple, which can display your equation visually. Once you're satisfied with your equation, Maple can generate the LaTeX code for you.

To run Maple, type:

add maple ; maple &

That will bring up a window. Type your equation in, just like in a computer program, and end the line with a semicolon (;). See if the equation that appears is what you'd really like. If it is, then type


You can also type:

latex('your equation');

For example:

	> 'int(y^3*ln(y)*dy,y)';
					|   3
					|  y  ln(y) dy dy

	> latex('int(y^3*ln(y)*dy,y)');
	\int \!y^{3}\ln (y){\it dy}{dy}

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