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How can I print Maple plots?

In the X version, you can print the active window or worksheet using the "Print" option under the File menu. If you want to print a standalone plot, you should set the plot display to go to a separate window (rather than on the worksheet), then generate the plot, and then use "Print". To set the plot display, go to the "Options" menu, select "Plot display" and choose "Window"; you can also do this from the command line by typing "plotsetup(window)" or "plotsetup(inline)".

In the TTY version, you'll need to set the plot to go to a postscript file rather than the screen; you can then print the file from Athena using lpr. The command:

	> plotsetup(postscript);

will output any subsequent plot to a file named "postscript.out" in your homedir. Or you can specify a path and file name, for example:

	> plotsetup(postscript, plotoutput=`/tmp/`);

If you're doing multiple plots, you'll need to specify a different file name before each one; otherwise the file will be overwritten with each plot command.

To reset Maple to show plots on the screen again, type:

	> plotsetup(default);

You can also output plots to other formats such as jpeg and gif, by specifying a "plot device" in plotsetup(). Type:

	> ?plot,device

for more details.

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