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How do I change my finger information?

The answer varies depending on which type of finger information you want to change. When someone on Athena simply types "finger username", they get some basic information about you. For example:

joeuser@athena:~$ finger joeuser
Login name: joeuser   			In real life: Joe A. User
Nickname: Joe
Office: N42,  x3-1101		Home phone: 617-253-1101
Directory: /mit/joeuser             	Shell: /bin/athena/tcsh
Not currently locatable.
No Plan.

This information can be changed by running the "chfn" program. It will prompt you to update the various pieces of information (or press "Enter" to accept the current setting). Once updated, the information will take a few hours to take effect, and may take longer to propagate to the machine you're currently using.

The "finger username@mit" or "finger username@mitdir" commands, however, display slightly different information:

joeuser@athena:~$ finger joeuser@mit
Student data loaded as of Feb 24, Staff data loaded as of Feb 24.

Notify Personnel or use WebSIS as appropriate to change your information.

Our on-line help system describes
  How to change data, how the directory works, where to get more info.
  For a listing of help topics, enter finger Try finger to read about how the directory works.
  Directory bluepages may be found at

There was 1 match to your request.

      name: Test User, Joe A
     title: MIT Affiliate
     alias: J-testuser

This information comes from the MIT directory. Students can update their MIT Directory entries using WebSIS. Faculty and staff can update their MIT Directory information using Atlas. The information may take several days to be updated in the directory, and can take up to 2 weeks at the beginning of a semester. Students who have questions about their Directory information should contact the Registrar, and faculty/staff should contact Human Resources.

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