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What is the password to administer my Mailman list?

  • What is the password to my Mailman list?
  • What do I do if I forgot the password for my Mailman list?
  • How can I get into my Mailman list if I don't have a password?

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  • Mailman list administrator

There are several reasons why you might be the administrator for a Mailman list but not know the administrator password:

  • When you create a list via the do-it-yourself page, Mailman may have not sent you the standard email with a list URL and password.
  • Another list administrator may have changed the administrator password and neglected to tell you.
  • You may have forgotten the password.


Reset password using personal certificate

If you are listed as one of the administrators for a Mailman list on you can get into your list by using your MIT personal web certificate. Here's how:

  1. Go to a special "https:" URL that uses ":444" in the name
  2. This special URL will consist of followed by the list name
  3. For example:
    • If your Mailman list is called LISTNAME you would go to:

      to go to the list administration page for your list.

    • You could also jump directly to the password changing page for your list at:

      to set a new administrator password for your list.

  4. Once you get here, you will be able to use the text entry boxes on the page to set a (new) password for your list, and you will be able to use that new password in the future

Other solutions

  • If you are unable to reset your administrator password using your personal web certificate please contact [User Accounts] for assistance.
  • See [hdarchive:How do I contact MIT Kerberos Accounts?].

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