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How much quota am I using in my Athena home directory?

To check the quota on your home directory, you can simply type "quota -v":

joeuser@athena:~$ quota -v -f $USER
Disk quotas for joeuser (uid 17261):
Filesystem          usage    quota    limit       files    quota    limit
/mit/joeuser        42072  1500000  1500000    

Here is what some of the columns mean:

  • usage: how much space you are using in Kilobytes (Kb)
  • quota/limit: the maximum amount of space alloted

The 3 rightmost columns are obsolete and can be ignored.

(Note: In NFS, quota and limit were used to indicate "soft limit" and "hard limit", respectively. However, there are no soft limits in AFS, and both entries report the same information.)

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December 17, 2010

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