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How can I tell whether a list is a Mailman or Moira list?

To determine if a list is a moira list or a mailman list, run this
command at the athena% prompt:

joeuser@athena:~$ blanche -i listname

Note: Be sure to fill in the correct information for listname.

replacing "listname" with the name of your list. If it is a mailman
list, you will see this line in the output:

listname is a Mailman list on server PCH.MIT.EDU

If you do not see that line, it is not a Mailman list.

You may encounter some errors doing this. If you receive this error:

/usr/athena/bin/blanche: Insufficient permission to perform requested database 
access while getting members of list

that means that the list is configured to be hidden.

If you receive this error:

/usr/athena/bin/blanche: No records in database match query...

that means the list does not exist, and there is likely a typo in your list name.

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February 09, 2009

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