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How can I format MATLAB code for LaTeX?

A program called tgrind is available in the sipb locker to help you convert matlab program listings to a form easily includable in a LaTeX document. To use this program, type at the prompt:

athena% add sipb
athena% add consult
athena% tgrind -d /mit/consult/lib/matlab/vgrindefs -latex -lmatlab filename.m  > filename.tex

To include this file in your document:

  • Edit the output from tgrind to remove the first ("\input tgrindmac") and last ("\vfill\eject\end") lines from the file.
  • Make sure you have the tgrind documentstyle option specified. (Include tgrind in the square brackets in the \documentstyle command at the top of your file.)
  • Place the line

    in your .tex file where you want to insert the formatted code.

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February 18, 2009

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