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How do I use Maple?

To start Maple on Athena you can invoke it either from the Gnome Dash or from the Athena prompt by typing:

        athena% add maple

This will bring up the graphical "worksheet interface" version if you are running X, or a TTY version if you're not (to use the TTY version under X, type add maple; maple.tty). When the prompt appears (">"), you can type in commands. In the TTY version, you can use the cursor keys for command-recall; in the X version, you can use the mouse or cursor keys to go back and edit previous commands. In both versions, you can enter multiple commands on a single line, as long as each one is terminated.

Commands must be terminated with either a semicolon (";") for normal display or a colon (":") to suppress display of output. In the TTY version, Maple doesn't care how many lines you type; it wait until you type ":" or ";" to evaluate the entire input. In the X version, the Return key triggers evaluation: you will see the message "Warning, premature end of input" if you enter a line without a terminator. To fix this, either go back and add a ";" or ":" to the line, or just type one at the next prompt.

To quit Maple in the TTY version, type:

        > quit;

To quit Maple in the X version, go to the File menu and select Exit (the quit command closes the current worksheet).

For more information, see "Where can I get more information about Maple?"

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