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How can I make a homepage on Athena?

In order to create a homepage, you need to place your HTML documents in a world readable directory named "www" in your home directory. This directory is automatically created for new accounts, so in most cases you should not need to create it. If it does not exist, and you do need to create this directory, use the commands:

    cd ~
    mkdir -p www
    fs sa www system:anyuser rl

to do so. This creates a directory named www into which you will place all files relating to your home page. Now, within that directory, you have to create a file (such as home.html) written in html format. Note that HTML documents MUST end in ".html".

Once you have created your index.html file, the URL for that page would be:
    (or since index.html is assumed)

Or, you can access the index.html file through the same web server through

If you want your page to be listed in the index as well, you need to send email to requesting this. Your page will then also be available via the URL:

Additionally, you can request that your page be listed on the MIT Student Homepages list.

Need more help?

  • For more information about publishing information on the web and the capabilities of MIT's and servers, look at the URL:

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