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Q: How do I upgrade the style of my Stellar site?

The instructor or administrator of the Stellar course site may select a different style that will change the appearance of the course site (not from Stellar to Hybrid or LMOD)

Note: it can take up to a minute to rebuild the site with the new style:

  1. Log into the Stellar site.
  2. Click on website settings from the navigation bar.
  3. Under the section for Website Style, change the style template to anything other than the current setting and click Submit.
  4. Go back under website settings and change the Style template back to the desired template.

This will update the version of Stellar for the site. Unfortunately, there will be no obvious indication that the version has been updated.

For Service Deks Consultants:

If this article does not resolve the issue, please gather the information listed on the [Stellar Recon page], mark the ticket new and move it to the Service Desk Escalations queue.

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January 29, 2017

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