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How do I move my Safari bookmarks to my new computer?


  • Mac OS X
  • Safari


Warning: This process removes all existing Safari bookmarks on the new/target computer.
  1. Start by make sure Safari isn't running on either of the Macs you are going to work with.
  2. On the machine that has the bookmarks you want to copy, navigate to your home directory using the Finder.
  3. From your home directory, go to Library > Safari.
  4. Copy the Bookmarks.plist file to any removable media or network location.
  5. With Safari closed on the target machine, copy the Bookmarks.plist file to the new computer. Make sure the file goes into the same location on the new machines as it did on the old one (User's Home Directory > Library > Safari).
  6. Open Safari and the new bookmarks should be there.


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Last Modified:

March 22, 2011

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