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How do I request a Stellar site?

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Instructors, TAs or administrators must request a new (academic) Stellar site for every term that their course(s) are taught. Requests can be made up to one term in advance.

Stellar is primarily designed for academic course management, but can also be used for project related purposes, such as research or student groups. Here are details on the two types of supported Stellar sites:

Academic Sites

  • Are used primarily for academic courses
  • Membership is usually automatically populated with students who have registered for the class
  • Are archived (i.e., made to be read-only) at the end of the term
  • Need to be requested every semester

Project sites

  • Used primarily for research, student groups, or other projects
  • Needs to have its membership list populated manually
  • Do not close unless requested


  1. A Stellar site may be requested, at least one term in advance, by visiting the Stellar site request page.
  2. Once a request has been submitted, the requestor will see a confirmation page with a five-digit request number letting them know their request has been received. 
  3. After a site has been provisioned, a notification will be sent via email within 1-3 business days. 
  4. Once the site is provisioned, class materials may be added or imported from a previous class website using these instructions.

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October 15, 2016

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