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Q: I upgraded to MacOS Mojave and keep getting optimization error messages when I start applications. What do I do?

Starting many applications that have not been updated for Mojave will result in seeing error messages similar to this one:

Opera is not optimized for your Mac and needs to be updated.

This app will not work with future versions of macOS and needs to be updated to improve compatibility. Contact the developer for more information.

In most instances when you click OK the application will launch and work without issues.

The errors will stop once you install an updated version of the application that has been optimized for Mojave. Check the vendor's website or software update system to find out if an updated version is available.

We have seen this error with: Opera, Firefox, Cisco Anyconnect VPN, Snagit, Kindle App, Fetch and more.

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November 16, 2018

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