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Q: How can I get a more compact view of the MIT Events Calendar?


The new MIT Events Calendar aims to promote the vibrancy and diversity of the portfolio of event across all of MIT. The site is designed to attract interest in events from MIT and beyond, showcase important events, and provide a visually appealing and informative catalog of what's happening at MIT to our community and the world.

With that focus in mind, we understand that some of our community members would prefer a compact, no-frills listing of MIT events that is denser, less visual, and lends itself to quickly reading through a full listing of the day's events. Here are two work-arounds that will help you get that:

Option 1: View today's events through MIT's mobile portal

The MIT Mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is also available as a mobile web portal that presents the same functionality as the app. You can view the same listing of events (fed into the mobile app through's RSS feed) but presented in a more compact and higher contrast version. While it is designed for viewing on a mobile device, it also works well on your desktop browser.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on Daily Events to view today's events


  • If you decide to bookmark this calendar, make sure to bookmark the top-level calendar page linked in (1) above; the Daily Events page is specific to a calendar date and will not take you to today if you visit it on a future date
  • The mobile up uses an RSS feed from the MIT Events Calendar to pull in the event listings; this means information may be up to an hour or so out of date

Option 2: Subscribe to the MIT Events Calendar in your own calendar

The Localist platform, which powers the new MIT Events Calendar, allows you to subscribe to event listings so they appear in your personal calendar. It includes subscription links for Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook, as well as a generic RSS subscription link. If you subscribe to the MIT Events Calendar, you can then use the display tools in your personal calendar application of choice to list MIT events.

  1. Navigate to the new MIT Events Calendar
  2. Below the events list on the home page, click on the Browse All Events... button
  3. Find the subscription links at the top of today's events, which will look like this:
  4. Click on the one for your calendar of choice (the icons represent Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and RSS)


  • Most calendar applications will allow you to enable and disable whether a subscribed calendar appears, usually with a checkbox next to the subscribed calendar's name; make sure your calendar application allows you to do this, or your personal calendar could be come very cluttered with MIT events
  • The mobile up uses an RSS feed from the MIT Events Calendar to pull in the event listings; this means information may be up to an hour or so out of date

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November 13, 2017

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