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Q: What is the Gradebook path for my class?

  • I have an MITx site and would like to connect it to a Gradebook. What do I need in order to do this?
  • I need something called a "Gradebook path" to set up my site. What is the path and how do I get it?


Sometimes, users need the Gradebook path for a site. Most often, users who have an MITx site for their class, and also wish to use the Gradebook Module, will learn that they need this path to connect the two services.


If you already have a Stellar site and/or a Gradebook, getting the Gradebook path is easy. Look at the URL for your Stellar site or Gradebook. The URL should look something like one of the following examples:

  • For a Stellar site:
  • For a Gradebook:

Everything from /course/ to the class number is the path, shown in red above. For the above URL examples, the path is: /course/13/sp17/13.234

When entering the path in MITx, you may need to add STELLAR: ahead of it. The resulting path for MITx would then be: STELLAR:/course/13/sp17/13.234

If you do not have the URL for the site, you may find it by doing the following:

  1. Go to
  2. On the middle right side of the page, enter the course ID number next to "Lookup by subject number" and submit
  3. The most recent (usually current term) site will be listed at the top
  4. Right click on the link to the most recent site and copy the URL
  5. Refer to the instructions above to get the path from the copied URL

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