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Q: How do I install Mnova NMR, qNMR, and RM?


Activation and use of MIT's license requires a MITnet connection or use of the MIT remote access VPN.

How to install Mnova NMR

  1. Download MestReNova (Mnova) from Mestrelab.
  2. Download the license files, which have the MIT license server name pre-installed.
  3. Install Mnova.
  4. On first launch a dialog will open asking for a license file.
  5. Navigate to the unexpanded license file ( and all three product licenses will be installed automatically.

Note: Linux versions are 32-bit, so 64-bit OS users may need to install a number of 32-bit libraries.

How to install the qNMR and RM advanced plugins

  1. Mnova must be installed first.
  2. Download the zip file installer for either qNMR or RM from Mestrelab.
  3. Within Mnova select Edit > Advanced Plugins, click on the + sign in the dialog that opens, then navigate to the downloaded zip installers for the plugins.

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Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

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February 20, 2022

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