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Q: How do I create bootable USB drives for ISO files on a Windows machine?

Create the USB/DVD Bootable drive

Note: While IS&T does not support third party software there are programs available to create bootable drives from Microsoft and others. One common program is Rufus which these instructions use.

  1. Download the appropriate ISO file to your hard drive.

  2. Download and launch Rufus.

  3. Insert your DVD or flash drive.

  4. Select your DVD or flash drive. You may need to click List USB Hard Drives on the Rufus setup screen.

    rufus setup

  5. Click the icon to select the ISO file.
    Use the following settings:
    For BIOS based systems use MBR partition scheme and NTFS filesystem
    For UEFI based systems use GPT partition scheme and FAT32 filesystem
    Most modern computers support both BIOS (legacy mode) and UEFI mode but certain systems like the Microsoft Surfaces, only support UEFI mode.

    rufus settings

  6. Click Start.

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June 16, 2016

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