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Office 365 Pilot Roll Out Schedule for IS&T

Migration Process

The Office 365 team will start moving your mailboxes on the evening before your scheduled move. There will be no impact to your email during this period. On the morning of the cutover, the Office 365 team will execute the final cutover at 10:00am and you may be impacted by a brief interruption.

Please review our Migration Checklist to find out what you should do before, during and after you're migrated to O365.

If you have delegates or are a delegate, all of those people must migrate at the same time to maintain those relationships. If you are not all on the same system, you will no longer be able to delegate or serve as a delegate to people on the other system.

Migration Schedule

Date IS&T Groups Number Moving
05/19/2016 Application Platforms, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Reporting, 22 Individuals
05/25/2016 Digital Communications & User Experience & Design Teams 14 Individuals
06/01/2016 Platform Dev and Support 27 Individuals
06/08/2016 Integration, Identity & Access Mgmt Teams 18 Individuals
06/15/2016 App Delivery, DBA's, Implementation, R3-Admin, 27 Individuals
06/22/2016 IT Ecosystem Arch, Systems Analyst 20 Individuals
06/29/2016 Business Logistics, Finance, Project Mgmt, and Site Teams 27 Individuals
07/06/2016 CPT 25 Individuals
08/08/2016 Directors, HR, Site Team 18 Individuals

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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July 20, 2016

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