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Q: What is the Individual Contributor Advisory Team (ICAT)?


The Individual Contributor Advisory Team (ICAT) is comprised of individual contributors across the IS&T department.  The primary objectives of ICAT include the following:

  • Support IS&T’s organizational goals by continuing to build upon the momentum of the transformation and continue to move the organization forward toward the new model of IT@MIT.
  • Identify opportunities to enhance employee engagement, employee development and knowledge sharing across IS&T.
  • Serve as a direct link to Sr. Leadership to improve transparency in communication, decision making and strategic direction across teams within IS&T.

Projects focusing on the objectives listed above will promote digital and/or in-person engagement that will benefit the IS&T department.


ICAT is a composition of up to ten (10) individual contributors across the IS&T department that allows for representation from different functional areas, directorates and/or teams.  ICAT is sponsored by the Sr. Leadership Team to ensure all ICAT efforts are in alignment with IS&T goals.

Members of ICAT are responsible for fulfilling one of the following functions:

  • Chair Person
  • Member

The responsibilities of each function are highlighted in detail in the ICAT Roles & Responsibilities and Chair Person Roles & Responsibilities sections of this document.

IS&T individual contributors must apply to be considered for membership of ICAT by completing the necessary ICAT Application Form.  Applications for new members will be available on an annual basis each December.

Members are required to provide a two-year commitment to ICAT effective as of January 1st.  To ensure continuous innovation within the committee, members may serve no more than a maximum of two years on ICAT unless a special exception is determined by the Sponsor.

ICAT Roles & Responsibilities

Key roles and responsibilities for all members of ICAT include, but are not limited to, the following:

Domain Role/Responsibility
  • Members of ICAT are responsible for implementing and executing projects which focus on the fulfillment of the ICAT’s primary objectives.
  • Identify opportunities, research solutions and execute projects which fulfill a minimum of one of ICAT’s primary objectives.
  • ICAT meets on a pre-determined recurring basis.  Members of ICAT are expected to attend every scheduled meeting.
  • ICAT meets with the Sr. Leadership team on bi-monthly basis.  It is expected that all members attend the scheduled meetings with the Sr. Leadership team.
  • All members of ICAT are required to participate in one (1) or more projects led by ICAT.
  • Members will also provide support for additional ICAT projects as necessary.
  • Communicate decisions, updates, and knowledge sharing opportunities to ICAT and the Sr. Leadership team.

Chair Person Roles & Responsibilities

ICAT requires two Co-Chairs.  Individuals interested in the Chair function must complete the necessary ICAT Chair Application Form and commit to a one-year term as a Chair.  The Chairs will be selected and appointed by the Sponsor on an annual basis.

In addition to the ICAT Roles & Responsibilities listed above, the Chair is accountable for roles and responsibilities including, but not limited to, the following:

Domain Role/Responsibility
  • Leads recurring ICAT meetings to ensure the meetings are conducted in a productive and efficient manner.
  • Drives projects forward to meet all applicable deadlines.
  • The Chair is not responsible for leading all ICAT projects, but holding project leads accountable.
  • Drives open communication to ensure all team members are in agreement to ensure necessary support is provided by the team on key initiatives.
  • Maintains open communication with the team to ensure all members are aware of updated project status information.
  • May serve as the ICAT representative during discussions with the Sponsor.
  • Leads the bi-monthly team meetings with the Sponsor; including presentation preparation.

The function of Chair Person is an important one that can be fulfilled by any member of ICAT during the nomination period each March.  Individuals interested in the function of Chair Person must be able to exercise the following:

  • A high level of organizational skills to maintain an organized agenda for each meeting; ensuring meetings are focused, productive and efficient.
  • Effective management skills to ensure projects move forward within the determined deadlines and obtain support from additional ICAT members as necessary.
  • Strong communication skills to successfully manage diverse personalities and priorities within the team, while maintaining open lines of communication to ensure all members remain committed to the team’s primary objectives and goals.
  • A high level of diplomacy to effectively represent ICAT with the Sr. Leadership team and/or IS&T in both formal and informal settings.

Support from Leadership

Members of leadership (Sr. Leadership, Directors and Managers) understand the importance of ICAT’s contribution to the IS&T department.  Leaders demonstrate their support of the ICAT initiative through:

  • Enabling ICAT members the opportunity to attend the majority of recurring ICAT meetings.
  • Allowing for 10% resource allocation on a recurring basis for uninterrupted project work (not to exceed more than 4 hours in one week).
  • Mentorship that enables members the opportunity to enhance their ideas and work with other leaders to successfully initiate and implement those ideas.

Important Dates

Date Description
  • Begin/continue membership with ICAT.
  • Off-boarding members will begin the transition period.
  • The Sponsor reviews and selects new members to ICAT.
  • The Sponsor selects and appoints the Co-Chairs.

Current ICAT Members:

Current members of ICAT include the following individual contributors:

Function Name Team
Member Deb Bowser Escalations
Member Chris Braiotta Network Engineering
Member Eileen Kenney Business Logistics
Interim Chair Rebecca Maitland Finance


Feedback or questions may be sent to ICAT at

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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November 08, 2017

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