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Q: What are the different membership roles and their permissions in Stellar?


There are several different user roles for a Stellar website. Here's a list and their respective descriptions:

Title Privileges
Instructor Instructors have full privileges: add or delete documents and announcements; manage homework; set up sections; set up and participate in discussions; and use all website management features and customization tools. Names appear on the Staff List.
Administrator Anyone who sets up class websites for instructors. Administrators have the same privileges as instructors, but their names do not appear on the Staff List.
TA Teaching Assistants can add/edit grades, read homework assignments/solutions and if permission is granted, change gradebook permissions. Names appear on the Staff List.
Grader Graders can add and edit grades, and read homework assignments and solutions (once the solutions are released to students). Add a grader on the class website Membership page to grant access to the whole class or on a Section Membership page to grant access to that section. Names do not appear under the Staff List but graders can choose to add their name once they've entered a grade.
Official Class List For academic class websites, this list is created automatically with data from the MITSIS database. Participants can read all class materials; download files posted on the website (except those marked Staff Only); participate in discussions; use restricted materials; sign up for sections; and see the people who have chosen to opt in to the Participants list.
Participant This group is for people who are not on the official class list who are participating in the class. They have the same privileges as those in the Official Class List group.
Guest Guests can view all class materials except the following: section subsites, discussions, homework, restricted materials, Gradebook and the Participants list.

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February 27, 2017

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