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Q: How long does it take from adding-dropping class for change to show up in Stellar?

  • Why is a student not showing as registered in Stellar?
  • I dropped class X, but it is still listed in my Stellar?


Stellar updates Membership for every course from the Registrar's office. Those updates happen hourly. Once the Registrar and Instructor approves the registration or add/drop form, it then gets committed into the Registrar's system and only then will it show up in Stellar after an hour or two. This can appear to take a few days depending on when each part of the process is completed.


Check registration status and lass lists via MIT WebSIS

Can a student access Stellar before their class registration has been processed?

While the changes are propagating through the system, a few things can be done in Stellar to provide student access or remove it from his/her Stellar list.

  • For a student that is not showing up in Stellar, but has been approved by the Instructor to take the course, the Instructor and/or TA should add them as an unregistered participant on the Stellar Course Site.
  • For a student that has dropped the class, the Instructor and/or TA can "block" them which will temporarily stop the class from showing on their list.
  • Both of these changes will be superseded when the data from the Registrar's office is pulled into Stellar.

How do I change from registered status to listener status?

  • To change from registered status to listener status or vice versa, use the online add/drop form, available from the Registrar's webiste.

Where can I find the online Add/Drop form?

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