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Where is my Self-Service stuff?

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

Self-Service is now called About Me

The About Me tab in Atlas includes most of the self-service applications that were formerly placed under the My Profile, My Benefits, and My Money sections. Please see below for more detail.

What happened to all of the My Profile applications?

The My Profile applications were sorted in two categories: Personal Information and Emergency Information. All of the Personal Information applications have been combined into one redesigned, user-friendly application that includes the Personal Information applications and the Emergency Contact application.

  • What happened to the Campus Emergency Notification link that was previously under Emergency Information?

The MIT Alert link lists with the About Me information in the Full Catalog and it displays as a QuickLink on the About Me page. You can view the Full Catalog from your homepage, at the bottom of the Atlas menu. In addition, setting up your MIT Alert is a step in the New Hire system.

  • What is the Settings and Authorizations page? This wasn't in Self-Service before!

The information that was previously offered from the "gear" menu is now available from the About Me page, under My Profile, if you select Settings and Authorizations. There, you will find Email Notification Settings and information and links on Kerberos password settings, MIT Certificates, and authorizations. The Settings and Authorizations page is also accessible from the paystubs application and from the top right drop down menu with your MIT ID displaying.

Old Gear Menu and new MIT ID menu

What happened to the My Benefits applications?

The MIT Benefits and Benefit Links are available on the About Me menu, MY BENEFITS section.

What happened to the My Money applications?

The applications under "My Money" from the Payroll Options category are available under Money Matters on the About Me menu. The Total Compensation Statement (PensionConnect) is an exception. It lists with the Money Matters application in the Atlas Full Catalog. It displays as a QuickLink on the About Me page, not on the About Me menu.

  • Where are the My Money: Reimbursements (RFPs) applications?

Applications that were previously found on Self-Service, from My Money, in the Reimbursements (RFPs) section are now available in Atlas in the My Reimbursements group.

  • Where are the My Money "Other Links"?

The Other Links, formerly listed under My Money in Atlas list below with their Atlas group locations:

Concur Travel Expense - Travel
Community Giving at MIT - Discounts and Perks
MIT Loan Program - Benefits, Discounts and Perks
MIT Federal Credit Union - Benefits, Discounts and Perks

Where can I find My Training, My Purchases, and My Time?

My Training: The MIT Learning Center application can be found in the EHS Training group and the Training group.

My Purchases: The Place Personal Orders application can be found in the Discounts and Perks group or the Buying group.

My Time: The Self-Service "My Time" applications can be found in the Time and Vacation Entry group.

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July 14, 2014

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