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Is Atlas Touchstone Enabled?

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

Over time, all of the MIT-managed applications will be touchstone enabled.

Any applications that are not Touchstone enabled are only accessible via MIT personal certificate. Touchstone enabled applications can be accessed using either MIT personal certificate OR your Kerberos username and password.

Which applications are Touchstone enabled?

Financial Inboxes
Requisition Approver Inbox

Requisition Creator Inbox
Find Requisitions
Close Purchase Orders

Reporting and Forecasting Tool (RAFT)

Time and Vacation Approval
Approve/Distribute Time Sheets
Request Time Sheet Correction
View Time Sheets
Printable Student Time Sheet (PDF)
Printable Employee Time Sheet (PDF)
Salary Distribution

Salary Distribution System (eSDS)

Student Appointments
Create Non-UROP Appointment
Create UROP Appointment
Change Appointment
Cancel Appointment
Student Hourly Appt. Inbox
View Student Transactions
View Student Appointments

EHS Training
MIT Learning Center
EHS Training Report 1 - 4
DLC Assessment Report
Training Reconciliation
Training Group Members
Record Course Completion
Time and Vacation Entry
Time Sheet Entry
View My Time Sheets
Request Correction to My Time Sheet

View/Modify Authorizations
View Hierarchies, Functions & Qualifiers

Financial Information Lookups
Cost Object Lookup (Roles Database)

HR Transaction Inboxes
Student Hourly Appt. Inbox

Administer Employee Information
Update Personal Info

Faculty and Staff Appointments
Applicant Tracker System (Peoplefluent)

MIT Learning Center

Cognos Reporting Tool
Space Management System

Academic Administration
Student Information System (WebSIS)

Benefits (About Me)
Initial Benefits Enrollment
Tuition Assistance Account
View Your Health and Insurance Benefits

Charitable Contributions (About Me)


Which applications are not Touchstone enabled?

Financial Inboxes
Procurement Card Inbox
RFP Inbox
eDACCA Salary Distribution Inbox

eCat (Electronic Catalog) - (need certificate
External (Outside Vendors)
Internal (MIT Services)
External (Facilities Only)
Find Purchase Orders
Place Personal Orders

Travel Expenses (Concur)

Maintain Budgets (NIMBUS)

Time and Vacation Approval
SRS Vacation Report

Salary Distribution
eDACCA Salary Distribution Inbox
eDACCA Salary Distribution Search
Late Salary Distribution Change Request

Service Requests
Create Request-
My Requests
Search Requests
Key Approvals (Authorized Users Only)

EHS PI Space
Room: Create/Change/Display
Roomset: Create New
Roomset: Change/Display
Annual Chemical Reporting

EHS Department Preferences
DLC Preference Settings

EHS Waste Management
Waste Management
Chemical Waste Collection
Radioactive Waste Collection

Time and Vacation Entry
My SRS Vacation Tracker

Financial Information Lookups
Cost Collector Lookup
GL Account Lookup

HR Transaction Inboxes
HR Transaction Inbox

Manage Reimbursements (RFPs)
Reimbursement Payment (Taxable)
Find RFPs
Clone an RFP
RFP Inbox

My Reimbursements
Request a Reimbursement for Me
Track My Reimbursements
Clone an RFP
My Reimbursements Inbox
Direct Deposit Preferences

Journal Vouchers
Display a JV
Create a JV
JV Inbox
JV/Credit Card Report
Change a JV
Clone a JV
Reverse a JV
Grant Proposals
Create Proposal (CoeusLite)
My Proposals (CoeusLite)

Administer Employee Information
Outside Professional Activities

Faculty and Staff Appointments
HR Transaction Inbox
View HR Transactions
Changes (Promotions, Transfers, etc.)
Extend Appointment
Leave of Absence
Other Actions
Supplemental Payment
HR Preferences
Summer Session

Reports for Student Groups
Commitment Report
Cumulative Account Balance Report
Funding Account Balance Report
Transaction Report

Visitor Parking
Reserve Visitor Parking
Department Parking Passes
View Parking Reservations
Change Parking Reservations
View Parking Pass Orders (JVs)

EHS Inspection and Audit
Create and Complete Inspections
Inspection Task List
View Findings Assigned to Me

EHS Office Functions
Inspection Questionnaire Maintenance
SARA Extraction Utility
Annual Chemical Reporting

EHS Supervisor's Injury Report
Report an Injury

SAP GUI 001 Settings

Academic Administration
Graduate Awards and Appointments (Grad Aid)

My Events, Room Catalog, Register an Event, Policies and Procedures

My Profile (About Me)
Personal Information
Settings and Authorizations
MIT Alert

Discounts and Perks (About Me)
Online Commuting Services
Community Giving
Place Personal Orders

Benefits (About Me)
Pension and Retirement Income (PensionConnect)
Supplemental 401(k) (Fidelity NetBenefits)
Designate Beneficiaries

Money Matters (About Me)
Total Compensation Statement (PensionConnect)
Tax Withholding
Direct Deposit Preferences

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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July 28, 2015

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