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How Do I Build My Atlas Menu?

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

Welcome to Atlas! You can personalize your homepage menu for the work tasks that you need!

What is the Default Menu?

The Default Atlas user menu includes the following application groups:

  • Time and Vacation Entry
  • Buying
  • My Reimbursements
  • Service Requests
  • Training
  • Event Planning

How do I edit the Default Menu?

Add, remove, or reposition the elements in your menu! To personalize your Atlas menu, select the edit icon on the left hand navigation menu on the Atlas homepage. The Build Your Menu page displays. From here, you cannot return to another tab (Home, About Me, Campus Life, etc.) without selecting Reset to Default, Exit without Saving, or Save & Exit.

The Filter by Function drop down menu defaults to "All" displaying all of the available options. You can select + Add All to add all of the available items. For specific items, drag and drop the items you want into the left hand menu. You can also select the + or x symbols to add or remove options. You can drag and drop the items to reposition the items into a sequence you prefer. When you’re done, click ‘Save and Exit’ to set your new homepage. Personalize your Atlas menu by scanning the full list of options or by selecting your primary role from the drop down menu to see a filtered list of items.

Note: You can add items from multiple functions. For instance, you can select the Fiscal Officer role add "Financial Inboxes" and then change the role to Administrative Assistant and add "Grant Proposals." In edit mode, if an item is already added to your menu, it will not display under any of the corresponding roles or under All. Only items available to be added display so you may not see a full list of items associated to a role if you are already in the process of building your menu.

I saved a new menu. Can I still update and edit my Atlas Menu?

Once you have built your Atlas menu, you can return to the edit screen and make updates. From the edit screen, you can reset to the default menu, make edits, or exit without saving.

Important: If you select Reset to Default for your menu, you must select Save & Exit in order for the change to take effect. The reset action alone does not save the menu.

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