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Offices & Services Directory Editor Training

Q: Where do I, an Editor, learn how to manage my Offices & Services Directory listing(s)?

A: Five eLearning videos guide you through the process

  • These five eCourses introduce Directory Listing editors to the new MIT Offices & Services Directory which replaced the previous Offices Directory listings (Bluepages) managed through Engenda. Editors will tour the user interface, become familiar with key concepts and terminology of the new system, and learn to master the tasks involved in creating and managing directory listings.
  1. Accessing the Directory and Viewing My Offices
    This eCourse introduces editors to the new Offices & Services Directory.  Viewers learn how to log on and access directory listings.  They tour the new interface and the parts of a listing:  the Business Card, the Navigation Panel, and Key Contact Groups and Services.
  2. Editing the Business Card
    This eCourse shows editors how to enter information into the different fields of the Office Listing's Business Card.
  3. Creating Key Contact Groups & Key Contacts
    This eCourse teaches editors how to create Key Contact Groups and Key Contacts.
  4. Creating Service Groups & Services
    This eCourse guides editors through the process of creating service groups and supporting services in their Office Listing.
  5. Managing your Groups, Contacts & Services
    The final eCourse in the series demonstrates how to add, edit, and remove Key Contact Groups, Key Contacts, and Services from a listing and how to remove a listing from the Offices Directory.

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