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Lincoln Lab staff and IS&T Distributed Software

For use at Lincoln Lab

Lincoln Laboratory staff should download software from the internal Lincoln Laboratory ISD website.

The Laboratory has its own license agreement with Vendors.
The only EXCEPTION is VMware which is still accessible from the IS&T Software Grid .

This is the memo that went out to Lincoln staff in May of 2013.

Lincoln Laboratory staff are reminded that all software (including Operating Systems) used on Laboratory-owned computers are to be obtained through Lincoln channels and NOT from MIT Campus. In many cases, MIT Campus and Lincoln Laboratory maintain separate licensing agreements with vendors (e.g. Microsoft, The Mathworks, Adobe) and Lincoln staff are NOT eligible to use Campus licenses. This includes any personal use benefits that may be included in Campus' agreements. One exception is the MIT Certificates and their associated installers. These are approved for Lincoln Laboratory use and may be retrieved from the MIT Campus website.

For the few cases in which Lincoln Laboratory shares a license agreement with Campus (e.g. VMWare) this will be clearly noted on LL internal web pages and instructions will be found there for obtaining said software. In these cases, it is important that proper procedures are followed so that license distribution can be accurately tracked.

Information on acquiring software and software licenses can be found at:

If you have any questions related to software licensing, please email or contact the ISD Service Desk at x4357.


For use on Campus

Lincoln Lab staff that are also students?

Lincoln Lab staff may also be registered students, however their Kerberos will only show them as being a LL Employee.

  • These users need to contact
  • The Software Asset Management team will then check with the Registrar to verify the users student status.
  • When verified the student-licensed software may only be installed on the users personal computer, NOT any MIT-owned system.

Lincoln Lab staff that are working for a different department/lab/center?

Lincoln Lab staff may also be working on campus for a different department, lab or center (DLC).

  • These users need to contact
  • The Software Asset Management team will then check with the appropriate departments to verify that they are working on campus.
  • When verified the faculty/staff licensed software may only be installed on a computer owned by the department they are doing the work for. It may NOT be installed on a Lincoln Lab-owned system.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 21, 2021

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