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Q: Can Evolution be configured to access Exchange's calendar or task information?


Note: Advanced Office 365 Email and Calendaring users only

On Ubuntu 12.10 and higher, the evolution-ews package enables Evolution to use Exchange Web Services to connect to Exchange servers. This plugin is still experimental and IS&T does not recommend it for production use.

The process is as follows:

  1. Install the evolution-ews package.
    IMPORTANT: You MUST log out and back in at this point. This is necessary to restart various evolution helper applications so they are now aware of the EWS protocol. You will not be able to access your e-mail until you log out and back in after installing evolution-ews.
  2. Launch Evolution, and configure your account in the "Receiving Mail" section to use Exchange Web Services.
  3. You should then be prompted for your Kerberos password and Evolution will begin to sync your Exchange information. This initial synchronization can take a long time.


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Last Modified:

June 02, 2023

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