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How do I configure Pidgin to access MIT's Cisco Jabber server?

Note: Cisco Jabber uses the XMPP messaging protocol, so when configuring for Jabber, look for XMPP.
  1. Start Pidgin.
    Result: The login window appears.
    Welcome screen
    Select Accounts > Manage Accounts.
    Result: The accounts window appears.

    Welcome to Pidgin screen

  2. Click on the Add button.
    Result: The add account window appears.

    Add Account screen

  3. Under Protocol select XMPP.
    Result: The configuration options for XMPP are listed.

    Basic settings screen

  4. Enter the following settings:
    • Screen Name: Your MIT/Kerberos/Athena username
    • Domain:
    • Resource: We recommend leaving this at the default for the first system you set up, and then you choose a unique location for additional computers running Pidgin.
    • Password: We recommend leaving this blank so your password is not stored locally.
    • Leave the default for all other settings.
    • Click the add button.
      Result: Your new account is saved and will show up on the list in the accounts window.

      Accounts window

  5. In the accounts window, click Close.
    Result: The accounts window closes and you are returned to the login window. Your new Jabber account should be listed in the Accounts drop-down menu.

    Password prompt

  6. If you did not put in your password in the settings, you should be prompted to enter your MIT/Kerberos/Athena password now. Enter your MIT/Kerberos/Athena password. Click OK.
    Result: Your buddy list will appear and you're ready to start chatting.

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April 27, 2016

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