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Q: How can I download and save my WebEx recordings? As a movie file?

  • How can I save my WebEx recorded meeting as an MP4 (MPEG-4) movie file?
  • How can I save my WebEx recorded meeting as a WMV (Windows Media) movie file?
  • How can I save my WebEx recorded meeting as a SWF (Flash) movie file?

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MIT's WebEx subscription allows you to record meetings for later viewing. Recordings are stored on the WebEx server and are, by default, played back through the WebEx client on your computer, the same software you use to participate in a meeting. Sometimes it would be useful to archive a meeting as a movie file that can be played in a variety of media players. For example, you may want to post a meeting recording on a web site or share it with someone who does not have the WebEx client.

There are several requirements to make this work:

  • You need to have meeting creator access to MIT's WebEx portal (MIT staff and faculty)
  • You need to have one more more saved recorded meetings
  • You need to have access to a computer running Microsoft Windows to use WebEx's conversion software


Assuming all the above requirements are met, you can follow the steps below to convert a recorded meeting.

Find and download the recorded meeting and player software

  1. Log into MIT's WebEx portal as a meeting host
    Go to You will be taken to MIT's hosted WebEx portal, where you can click on the HOST Log In button in the right sidebar. At the MIT login page at click on Log In and confirm your MIT personal web certificate if prompted. (If you are prompted to install WebEx tools on your computer, you can click on Later to avoid it, or accept and go through the installation.)
  2. To to Meeting Center
    Once you are logged in, go to the Meeting Center tab and then click on the My Recorded Meetings link in the left sidebar. If you do not see that link, you're most likely not fully logged in or not eligible to host meetings.
  3. Save the meeting file
    Select the meeting you want to convert from your list of recorded meetings and click on the small button with the down-arrow on the right end of the meeting line to bring up a popup menu (see picture):
    DropDown Menu
    Click on Download and the download window will open. If your browser asks you to confirm the download click the Save button. The file will be saved to your computer in your preferred location, such as your Desktop or your Downloads folder.
  4. Install the WebEx ARF Player
    While still in the download window, if you have not previously downloaded the WebEx ARF Player, click on the link in that window to download it. You can also download it by clicking on the download link here If your browser prompts you whether to Save or Run the installer, click Run. If it only allows you to save the installer, save it and then run it from your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Open the recording and convert it

Now that the player software is installed and the recording is on your computer, you can open and convert it.

  1. Open the recorded meeting file
    Find the recorded meeting on your Desktop or in your Downloads folder. Double-click it to open it in the WebEx ARF Player program. The recording will being playing immediately. Click the Pause button to pause playback.
  2. Convert the recording to a movie
    Go to the File menu, select Convert Format and then select the file format you want to convert the recording to.
    Note: If this is the first time you're doing this, you may get a dialog box telling you an additional WebEx conversion tool is required. This dialog prompts you for WebEx account information.
  3. Schedule the conversion and wait for it to complete
    The conversion dialog box will appear and allow you to specify an output filename as well as immediate or scheduled conversion. Click OK to begin conversion. Acknowledge the confirmation dialog by clicking OK. You can now quit out of the WebEx ARF Player. A small WebEx icon in your Windows task bar will show you the conversion is scheduled or in progress. You will get a dialog box when the conversion is complete.
    For OS X users
    The WebEx Network Recording Player does not support converting recordings to MP4 format on Mac systems.

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