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What is CCure? Who supports it? How do I use it?


CCURE is an application, launched via Citrix (, that allows a Gatekeeper to grant or revoke a person's access to a building, to lock and unlock doors, schedule events, and to control elevator access. Using CCURE, a Gatekeeper activates a person's MIT ID card, granting them permission to access a building or specific doors.

To become a Gatekeeper, you must be set up by the IS&T Campus Safety and Security Infrastructure.

The IS&T Campus Safety & Security Infrastructure Team will grant access and give the client a password. This password is different from the kerberos password. Kerberos ID and Kerberos password are used to access Citrix. From there, the client selects the appropriate CCURE applications and logs in using the Kerberos ID and CCURE password.

The Service Desk can assists users in launching CCure via Citrix. Beyond that, questions about CCURE should be directed to the IS&T Campus Safety and Security Infrastructure.

 IS&T Campus Safety and Security Infrastructure

Access to CCURE

To access CCURE, you must have Citrix installed on your computer. To install Citrix, you must have administrative privileges to you machine. Instructions for installing and launching Citrix can be found at

Log into Citrix

Open your browser to ** (it automatically resolves to and log in using your Kerberos ID and password.

If you are logging in from off campus, you must connect via VPN with duo, see for information on how to install and launch VPN.

If you do not have Citrix Receiver installed on you computer, the first time you go to the website, Citrix will attempt to install it for you. Whereas this might seem expedient, it is preferable to go to the software grid and follow the link "Obtain from vendor." Allowing Citrix to do it automatically could result in a loop.

You will arrive at what is called Citrix Storefront. Select the CCURE folder:

The folder opens, displaying the two CCURE app icons:

Select the appropriate icon for the tasks you wish to perform. CCURE 800 Admin is used for the tasks of looking someone up, granting and revoking building access, (known as Clearances), and running a list of users with a particular clearance.

CCURE 800 Monitoring is used for locking and unlocking doors, scheduling an event and controlling elevator access.

After selecting the icon, you will again be asked to log in. This time, use your Kerberos ID and the password that you set up with the Campus Safety and Security Team.

Best Practices

  • Gatekeepers should periodically review who has what clearance and remove clearances for individuals where they are no longer appropriate. 
  • If you need to grant privileges for a list of individuals, you can forward this list to the IS&T Campus Safety and Security group and they can perform the task for you.
  • It is possible to bundle multiple doors into a clearance and remove or redo old, possibly out-of-date clearances. The Safety and Security Infrastructure team can assist you with this task.

For more information and help

Documentation on using the two apps and training is available from the IS&T Campus Safety and Security. Questions and problems should be sent to them at the above phone number or address. This includes after hours and emergencies. Leave a voice mail with the problem and a phone number where you can be reached and someone will get back to you.

For Service Desk Consultants

Common issues and questions:

[Recon info for Service Desk use - What is CCure? Who supports this application?]

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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September 04, 2018

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