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Q: Why am I getting a Bobo with your canned meat email error message?

  • Unable to send email
  • Trying to send authenticated email generates the error "554 5.7.1 Bobo with your canned meat?"
    Note: also check the list of mail errors here: Email bounce error messages
  • The mail is rejected by


  • MIT accounts which are compromised by spammers have been used to send vast quantities of spam and other unwanted email via the MIT servers. This causes the target domains to block MIT's mail servers as a source of spam. This causes everyone else at MIT to be unable to send email to those domains until the block expires.
  • For this reason, a rate limit has been placed on limiting each user to under approximately 1000 recipients per 24 hours. This rate limit is enforced by
  • The count is by individual recipient in the header - a single mailing list counts as one recipient regardless of the number of recipients on the list.


  • If you have a legitimate reason to be sending bulk email, contact and we can work with the network team to adjust the whitelist.
  • If you do not think you are sending enough email to trigger this limit, also contact and we will try to figure out what is causing the block to be triggered. There may be a spammer using your account, or you may have a mail client sending duplicate messages over and over, or some other trouble that should be stopped.

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February 18, 2016

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