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Reserve Visitor Parking

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

The Reserve Visitor Parking window allows you to create and submit up to eight parking reservations at the same time. All fields are required.

If you need help ordering MIT parking passes from the Parking and Transportation Office, see Order Departmental Parking Passes.

  1. Using the link “Manage Visitor Parking (AIMS) “ on Atlas, go to AIMS parking system
  2. Log in using your Touchstone credentials
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the visitor parking module
  4. Click on button – Reserve Visitor Passes
  5. Enter the Cost Object to be billed for parking.
  6. Enter the Visitor Name as you want it to appear on the permit.
  7. Enter the reservation Date.
  8. Enter the Time In and Time Out. Reservations are for whole hours.
  9. Select the Lot from the field’s drop down list.
  10. Click Clear to delete all entries within a row.
    Click Copy to copy entries from the previous row. This is useful when you need to create and submit many similar reservations.Click Submit to create your reservation.
  11. Reservations Accepted: The Reservations Receipt window displays, listing the reservations. Click the button “Pass #XXXXXX” to view it. You can save the permit and then email it as an attachment to the visitor – the visitor can then print the permit and bring it with them to the lot. You may also save a copy of the permit for your own use. An email will also go out to the user ordering the pass with a link to the PDF.
  12. Print Receipt: Click the button with the pass number on it, to create a print out of the Reservations Receipt window.
  13. Need to Change or Delete an Accepted Reservation? Click on Home link, scroll down to the visitor parking module and go to “Change Parking Reservation”. You will need to reprint the pass if you make any changes.
  14. Your order creates a journal voucher of document type PK. The cost of the passes will be charged to G/L account 420274 and the cost object that you specify. Charges cannot be split among cost objects; create another order if you want to charge some of the passes to different cost objects. When you submit the parking passes order, your journal voucher will be posted.
  15. Some common error messages:

          i) Cannot purchase a pass. Account not authorized for the module.
              Make sure you have the role "AIMS MAINT VISITOR PARKING RES" assigned to you in roles database

          ii) An error was found in your form, please ensure all required fields are populated before continuing.

              All fields on the form are required, fill in the blank fields and submit again

          iii) Invalid Cost Object

             Check the Cost Object you entered on the form and make sure it is a valid SAP Cost Object

          iv) Cannot purchase a pass. Account not authorized for the cost object

              Make sure you have the role “CAN SPEND OR COMMIT FUNDS” in roles database for the Cost Object that you are trying to use.

          v) Visitor lot "xxxxxx" sold out on xx/xx/xxxx between xx:xx and xx:xx

               The parking lot is sold for that day and time, pick some other lot from the list.

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