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Order Departmental Parking Passes

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

The Department Parking Passes feature allows you to order MIT parking passes from the Parking and Transportation Office. Using AIMS application, you can order:

  • Visitor Scratch Pass Used at unattended lots, e.g. W91, W92, Windsor Lot, Reactor Lot and the 2 Pacific Lot. Valid for one day.

For the following, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office directly;

  • Department Vehicle Pass Parking permits issued to campus vehicles
  • Volunteer Pass Parking permits issued to MIT volunteers

Your order creates a journal voucher. The cost of the passes will be charged to G/L account 420274 and the cost object that you specify. Charges cannot be split among cost objects; create another order if you want to charge some of the passes to different cost objects. When you submit the parking passes order, your journal voucher will be posted.

These new parking JVs (Document type - PK) can not be viewed from Atlas. You can view your charges by using the SAP Summary Statement (ZSTM)

All fields are required.

  1. Enter a Quantity for each type of pass you need.
  2. Note that G/L Account 420274 is the default and does not have to be entered on the form.
  3. Type the Cost Object to be charged.
  4. Type Line Item Text that you want to appear on the Detail Transaction Report.
  5. Type Extended Text that you want to appear in the Text field when you look at the journal voucher in SAP.
  6. Click Submit to save your work.
    The system validates your work. If error messages display, make your corrections and then resubmit your work.
  7. If all entries are accepted, confirmation messages display at the top of the window. A JV for the order is created and the request for passes is approved.
  8. A receipt with the transaction details is sent to the user via email. Bring the receipt to the Parking and Transportation Office to pick up your parking passes.

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June 15, 2016

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