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Open and Verify a Receipt - Verifier

  1. Locate the receipt in your Open Tasks.
  2. Click on the receipt that you wish to open and verify.
  3. Click the Edit button to open the receipt.

Overview of open receipt
Menu Options run along the top of the window. Options include:

  • < Back Home returns you to the Open Tasks view
  • Report View creates a PDF of the receipt in its present state.
  • Audit opens a pop-up with processing detail for the receipt
  • Workflow History displays a chronological list of the receipt’s current status and previous status changes.
  • Information on Unallowable Charges displays a pop-up that lists expenses that, per MIT policy, should not be purchased on a procard.

Attached Receipt is the image of the purchase receipt. If there are multiple images, you will see this beneath the image of the first, and you can use the navigation controls to view the others.

Expense Type, Cost Object, and Amount may be blank if the cardholder did not make these entries. If this is the case, you as their Verifier will be responsible for providing these entries.

SAP Transaction display SAP document#, Vender name, and credit card charge amount.

Summary Information displays Total Amount, Status of the receipt, Created By name, and Created On date.
Internal Notes is an area for notes and comments that may have been written by the cardholder, reviewers, or other verifiers. These notes remain in the PCard Receipt application and are forwarded on to SAP.

Actions you can take as a Verifier are listed on the screen below the Summary Information. They are:

  • Approve – click this to indicate that you have completed your verification of the receipt. The receipt will now be posted to SAP.
  • Return – click this when the receipt has not passed your verification. This returns the receipt to the reviewer. Use the Internal Comments field to provide a reason why the receipt is being returned. The reviewer will see the receipt in their Open Tasks tab. You will see the receipt in your In Process tab.
  • Save Draft – Click this when you have made updates to the receipt but are not yet ready to act upon it. The receipt will remain listed in your Open Tasks.
  • Reassign allows you to transfer the receipt to another Verifier. When you select this option, a pop-up displays a list of authorized Verifiers. Select the desired Verifier from this list. The assigned-to Verifier will see the receipt in their Open Tasks tab. You will see the receipt in your In Process tab.
  • Add Another Verifier? allows you to identify a different verifier for the receipt. When you select this option, a pop-up displays a list of authorized verifiers. Select the desired verifier from this list. Once you Pass Review on the receipt, the system will route the receipt to the new verifier’s Open Tasks tab. You will see the receipt in your In Process tab.

As a Verifier, you should verify:

  • Are the receipts of sufficient detail? Are the correct receipts attached?
  • Are the expense type and cost objects correct.
  • If they selected a Food related expense type, did they provide the names of the attendees?
  • If they split the expense, were the splits correctly defined?
  • Is the business justification of sufficient clarity and detail?
  • Is the expense for an allowable purchase?
  • Is the correct SAP transaction linked to the receipt?
  • Complete your verification in a timely manner to insure the charge is not swept.

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April 16, 2016

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