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For Managers

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

To record your own sick time, click on the MY TIME tab at the top. To perform administrative functions, click on the ADMIN tab at the top.

Watch a short video created just for managers on the sick time reporting tool in Atlas.

Administrative Functions

Managers and super-users have certain administrative functions. Once you click on the ADMIN tab, you will see the following menu on the left:

Calendar Overview

This shows a monthly calendar with the names of your employees who submitted sick time reports, noting the amount of time for each employee on each date.

Record Sick Time for Employees

This allows you to record sick time on behalf of any of your employees (for example, if someone forgot to do so).

  • Click on the employee’s name.
  • Click on the blue button “Record Sick for Selected Employee”.
  • You will have access to the employee’s calendar, and fill in time as any employee would.
  • When you hit submit, an email will go to the designated manager (which could be you) and to the employee.

Sick Time Usage by Employee

This shows a list of all your employees, in alphabetical order by first name, and the amount of sick time they have recorded.

Benefits-eligible monthly paid staff are shown on one-tab and non-benefits eligible monthly paid staff (such as part-time lecturers) are shown on a second tab.

For Benefits Eligible Staff

  • To view an employee’s record, click on the employee’s name, then click on the blue View button.
  • This will show the period and the amount of sick time used by this employee.
    The sick time reporting period begins 1/1/16 or, if later, their first day of employment, and goes until their next anniversary date (the day before the anniversary of their employment at MIT). In future years, that period will be a 12 month period beginning on the anniversary date and ending the day before the next anniversary date.

For Non-Benefits Eligible Staff

  • To view an individual’s record, click on the employee’s name, then click on the blue View button.
  • This will show the appointment period and the amount of sick time used, and their sick time accrual in accordance with the state law formula.
    Non-benefits eligible staff accrue sick time based on their percentage effort and the length of their appointment. This accrual is front loaded at the beginning of their appointment. Employees can accrue a maximum of 40 hours and can carry over up to 40 hours. The box “Begin + accrue” shows any sick time amount they carried over plus the amount accrued for the upcoming period (a year or until the end of their appointment).
  • The tool also shows whether they have taken any sick time in excess of the amount they are entitled under state law.
    These employees should record all sick time taken in the tool, even if it is beyond their accrued amount of time. MIT does not immediately dock the pay of exempt, non-benefits eligible staff if they are out sick for more than their accrued amount of time. However, if they are out sick for an extended period, please discuss this with your local HR contact or your HRO. Note: The sick time reporting period began 7/1/15 or, if later, the beginning of their appointment, and goes till their next anniversary date OR the end of their appointment, whichever comes first.

Employee Sick Reports

This gives you access to more detail on sick time reports submitted by your employees.

  • Click on the + sign to see more information, and the – sign to hide that information and to go back to the list.
  • Each employee’s report shows the reason (employee or family), the date, number of hours of sick time, and whether it was FMLA.
  • You can also withdraw a report submitted by an employee from this screen, either by using the red “Withdraw” button or the red X on the right hand side.

Downloadable List of Reported Days

This allows you to search by name, date, Personnel Sub-Area, MIT ID, and job.
You can also download a list of reported days to Excel for more analysis

Automatic Emails

When the employee records sick time and clicks “submit”, the tool automatically sends an email to the designated manager, and a copy to the employee.

The email shows as sent from ; the subject is Sick Time Submitted. The email shows the employee’s name, whether the sick time is for the employee or family, and the requested day; if the report is submitted by a manager or someone other than the employee, the email shows who submitted the report.

If a submitted report is withdrawn, a similar email is sent to the manager with a copy to the employee.

Creating filters
If you would like to receive these automatic emails in a designated folder, you can set up a filter through Outlook. First, create the folder where you want these emails to go. Then, from the Home tab in Outlook:

  • Click on the tab for Rules.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on Create Rule.
  • Check the box “Subject Contains” and enter “noreplyabsence”.
  • In the section “Do the following,” click on “Move the item to folder.”
  • Then click on the Select Folder box to see a list of your folders; click on the appropriate folder’s name.
    The name of this folder will show in bold when it contains unread emails.

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