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Not Able Access the NextBus Agency Map Using Java

Due to a Java software update, the old Agency Map with the previous default settings in the Java Control Panel can't be accessed. It is now so untrusted that expired certificates cannot be run without an explicit exception in the Java Control Panel. The "Medium" security level has been removed as of Java Version 8 Update 20, and the default is now "High".

Here are instructions for accessing the Java Control Panel on Windows:
And on Mac OS X:

This explains the security level settings:

For the purposes of adding the exceptions to still see NextBus Java applets, here are instructions on how to do so, once you have accessed the Java Control Panel using the provided links for Windows or Mac:

  1. Click on the "Security" tab and then click on the "Edit Site List" button.
  2. In the "Exception Site List" window, click the "Add" button, type in "" in the text box that shows up in the "Location" column, and press the "Enter" key. Repeat this step for "" and "". Once you are finished with adding URLs, click "OK".
  3. Click "OK" in the "Java Control Panel" window.
  4. Clear your cache and cookies in your browser, close your browser, and restart it.
  5. Access your old Agency Map link again, and you should be able to have a properly operating applet again.

Alternatively, you may also use the New Agency Map which has similar functionality to the old map.


Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

November 22, 2017

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