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How do I send email as a list from Outlook 2016 on Mac?


It's not simple, but I can tell you how.

  1. Firstly, make sure you have the most recent updated version of Outlook (Version 16.7 or later). You also must be using the on-premises Exchange server, which (as of Nov 2017) is everyone at MIT, EXCEPT staff in IS&T).
  2. Go to Preferences -> Accounts -> + (the plus symbol at the bottom left) -> "New Account"
  3. In the popup, enter the name of the list you are trying to send mail as. So, <listname>
  4. A Touchstone window should pop up. close it! Then, select "Not Office365?" and choose Imap/pop
  5. For the next pop-up, change the information accordingly
    1. type: "IMAP"
    2. email address: <listname>
    3. username: <your MIT email>
    4. password: The password for your MIT email/kerberos
    5. incoming server:
    6. outgoing server:
  6. Press enter, then select done. Now, open up Preferences --> Accounts again. 
  7. Select on the list that you just added, which should show up as <listname>
  8. Under server information, make sure the information is as follows:
    1. User name: <your MIT email>
    2. Password: your MIT password
    3. incoming server:
      1. Select the "override default port" option, and change the port to 993.
        1. (This is so that email you send to this list won't get sent to you, but, you will still receive emails that other people send to the list.)
    4. outgoing server:
      1. the port should be defaulted to 465. If it is not, make sure "Override default port" is not selected.
  9. Once the above all looks good, select "More Options..."
  10. Switch the authentication method to "User Name and Password"
  11. Make sure the information is as follows
    1. User Name: your MIT username without "" (so, fidgetspinner if your MIT email is
    2. Password: your MIT password
  12. Press "OK"
  13. Restart outlook. Then go to Outlook -> Preferences -> Accounts. If you have done the above correctly, there should be a yellow dot next to <listname> This is a good thing. Woo!

Now that I've set up my list as a sending email, how do I send mail from it?
Great question!

  1. Open a new draft email.
  2. Look at the "From" row, you should now see an option to choose what email your mail will send from. If the above was accomplished correctly, you should be able to select <listname>
  3. Type up an email.
  4. Send!

Click here for directions on sending from a mailing list using Apple Mail


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Last Modified:

August 14, 2020

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