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Airgas Summary Report


The Airgas inventory is a tool to help with proper management of gas cylinders and cryogenic dewars at MIT. Some suggested ways to use this tool include:
1) Identify old or unneeded cylinders.
2) Check current inventory before ordering new cylinders.
3) Determine who owns unused or abandoned cylinders.
4) Identify discrepancies between the inventory report and physical inventory.*
5) Tool for EHS Coordinators to understand a lab’s cylinder situation prior to level 2 inspections.
6) Annual chemical reporting of gases and cryogenics.
*The inventory is based on a daily feed from Airgas. It used by Airgas to prepare the monthly invoice at the end of each month. If you return cylinders at the end of the month, allow 7-10 business days to ensure your account will not be billed for an additional month. Use to report location changes if you find discrepancies in the report.
How to use the report
·         Log into, go through Duo
·         Click on the EHS folder
·         Click on the Airgas report
·         Click on the Report 17
·         Delete the username, enter your own username and data warehouse password, not your email password.  
·         When you open the report, it will be blank. You can use the bldg. pull down menu for all the cylinders. Or use the PI pull down menu.
·         The PI/Supervisor name is based on the person, who is the PI for the Cost Object used to pay monthly fees. This is not necessarily the same as the PI of the space. Therefore, run the report on the location and all PIs.
·         Delivery Location is where Airgas has recorded the cylinders are during the last audit. Use to report location changes if you find discrepancies in the report.
·         Purchase order numbers are only available for most orders after a certain date, so those predating that time as well as some after do not have a PO recorded.  
·         There is no log out button.

Exporting Results

Export to Excel: Click anywhere in the body of the report. Then click on Download in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Select Crosstab which will export the data as a .csv file. Use Save As, name the file, change the file type to .xlsx (Excel), and choose the folder to save it in. Please note the data will be a download of the underlying information used to generate the report and will not be displayed in the same format you see on the screen.

Export to PDF: Click anywhere in the body of the report, then click on Download in the upper right-hand corner of the page, then select PDF. The PDF view will be in the same format you see on the screen.

Requesting Access

The Airgas Summary Report requires that you have access to the Data Warehouse and permissions to view this report. To request data warehouse access, send your request to the Data Warehouse Team. Your DLC Coordinator will also have to provide the appropriate authorizations before you are able to view this report.

EHS representatives and other designated lab members, EHS Coordinators, and EHS Office can obtain access to this report. VPF will handle access for their staff and financial staff in the DLCs.


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Last Modified:

September 11, 2017

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