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Any changes I make to Web pages, locker data updates, etc. are not shown or there is a delay in the updates. Why is that?


Due to security measures for our network services specific outside facing webpages (, and pages and their underlying pages) are now being hosted by the Akamai content distribution network service.

These pages are cached for 15 minutes.

If real time updates need to be checked or verified, you can avoid retrieving the cached pages by using appending a different random query string starting with ? to the URL each time you want to see the most recent version. Examples:

The query string will have no effect on the content, but each different query string will fetch a new copy.

Static content, such as PDF, image, sound and video files are cached for 24 hours. A full list of such file types is below.

    css gif jpg js png pict tif tiff mid midi ttf eot woff woff2 otf svg svgz webp jxr class jar jp2 rom pptx pdf avi mp4 mp3

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February 15, 2022

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