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Workaround solutions when Stellar course sections will have separate assignments and-or separate due dates

This article is applicable when there is one instructor and when the bulk of the materials will be the same for all sections, but some asssignments and/or assignment due dates will vary by course section or lab section.

Functionality does not exist in Stellar Materials/Homework for separate assignments to be given by section. The functionality is not yet available in the new Gradebook module, but others have requested this functionality as well, and the development team is considering including in a future release.

In terms of workaround solution, the Stellar Support team suggested two possibilities.

Option one: Create the same assignment (6-7 times over) and label it with the lab section number.

Benefit: Allows different due date for each of the sections.

Drawbacks: Every student would see all of the Assignments listed in their Assignments list view. Also, depending on the overall number of Assignments, the length of the Assignments list may become less than ideal.

Example Assignments:
Title: Lab Section 1: Assignment X Due Sept 10
Title: Lab Section 2: Assignment X Due Sept 11
Title: Lab Section 3: Assignment X Due Sept 12

Option two: Set the due date for the assignment as the latest of the due dates for all lab sections, then clearly remind students that this may not be *their* due date.

Example Assignment:
Title: Assignment X - Due date may vary from the date listed on Stellar

Benefit: Allows assignment to be added just once.

Drawback: May require additional, repeated communications to students.

Option three: Create separate Stellar course sites

Benefit: Each section can have separate assignments

Drawback: While importing from another section is do-able at start of fall, each additional material added to the site will need to be added to each course section.

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August 28, 2014

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