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Wireless Network Change Announcement - Retiring MIT SECURE N

Simpler is better, right? If you've ever been confused by the variety of wireless networks at MIT, you'll be happy to hear that selecting the right MIT wireless network will soon be a no-brainer.

On Monday, October 27, Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) will retire the "MIT N" and "MIT SECURE N" wireless networks. Here are a few things worth knowing up front.

  • Most community members will not be impacted by this change - the majority of wireless devices will automatically select the "MIT" and "MIT SECURE" networks.
  • IS&T will work to contact all impacted users in advance of the retirement.
  • If needed, you can configure your wireless devices now to connect to the "MIT SECURE" wireless network. For instructions, see the IS&T Knowledge Base article, "How to connect to MIT SECURE wireless" at How do I connect to MIT SECURE wireless?

The "N" networks were created at a time when earlier devices had difficulty selecting 5GHz channels in mixed (2.4GHz/5GHz) networks. With newer devices, this is no longer an issue. Only about 15% of the wireless devices on the MIT wireless network are using "MIT N" or "MIT SECURE N."

If you have questions about this change, please contact the MIT Computing Help Desk at or 617.253.1101.


Mark Silis
Director, Operations & Infrastructure
MIT Information Systems & Technology

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April 26, 2016

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