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Windows 8 - Clean Installation

These instructions will install a fresh, new copy of Windows 8 on a new or current system, without preserving user data or applications.

Doing a Clean Installation of Windows 8

  1. Insert Windows 8 install DVD. The media will boot into the language confirmation page, confirm your language preferences and click Next.
    Windows setup screen

  2. Click Install Now.
    Install Now

  3. Click Accept License Terms and then click Next.
    'License terms"

  4. Click Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced).
    Installation type

  5. Select the hard drive which you would like to install windows to.
    Installation location

    If you wish to wipe the hard drive before installing windows 8, click Drive Options: (Advanced) and follow the following instructions, otherwise skip to step 6:
    1. From the advanced menu, select the partitions that you wish to remove and click Delete, and Ok to confirm.
      Drive partitions

    2. Repeat until all desired partitions are removed.

    3. When a single "Unallocated Space" remains, then click Next.

  6. Click Next and Windows will begin its installation. This might take a few minutes. Additional restarts may occur.
    Installation progress screen

  7. Once installation of the operating system is complete, we have to configure the system for first time use.
    Configuring devices

  8. Name the computer and choose a color scheme if desired, then click Next.
    Personalization screen

  9. In the next screen, select Customize as we will not be using the Express Settings.
    Settings screen

  10. Click Yes, turn on sharing and connect to devices.
    Sharing settings

  11. In the next screen, under "Turn on Windows SmartScreen Filter to check files and apps with Microsoft" click on or slide the slider so that feature is "off", then click Next.
    Privacy settings

  12. On the next screen, click Next.
    Microsoft information

  13. On the next screen, click Next.
    App info and online solution settings

  14. In the "Sign in to your PC" screen, click Sign in without a Microsoft Account.
    Sign in screen

  15. Click on Local Account.
    Sign in options

  16. Create your local account. By default this account will have Administrator rights. Click Finish.
    User name and password screen

  17. Enjoy the intro to Windows 8. Once at the Start Screen, if you would like to get to the desktop, click on the "Desktop" tile.
    Windows 8 intro screen

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April 20, 2016

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