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Windows 7 - Clean Installation

Before You Begin

Before you start the installation, do the following preparatory steps:

  1. Check your system hardware and software for compatibility using Microsoft's Upgrade Advisor tool
  2. Run a backup of your complete hard disk. Backup options may be an external device or network drive, TSM, or the Easy Transfer tool

You are now ready to do a clean installation of Windows 7.

Note: The installation process may take several hours to complete.

Doing a Clean Installation of Windows 7

Starting windows screen

  1. Insert the CD/DVD for Windows 7.
  2. When the first Install Windows screen appears, click Next to accept the default settings as shown below.
    Result: The installation of Windows 7 will start automatically.
    Install windows screen
    Result: The next Install Windows screen opens.
  3. Click Install Now.
    Install windows screen
    Result: The Microsoft Software License Terms window opens.
  4. Select the I accept the license terms checkbox and click Next.
    Install now screen
    Result: The "Which type of installation do you want?" screen opens.
  5. Select Custom (advanced).
    Installation type screen
    Result: The Where do you want to install Windows? window opens.
  6. Select Drive options (advanced). This will allow you to delete any existing partition, create a new partition, and format the new partition.
    Select installation location screen
    Result: The next "Where do you want to install Windows?" screen opens.
    Installation location screen
  7. Do the following on this screen:
    1. Highlight the partition you want to delete and click Delete. Click OK on the warning screen to confirm that all data will be deleted from the partition.
    2. Click New. Change the default size if needed, and then click Apply.
    3. Click Format, which will format the new partition. Click OK on the warning screen to confirm that all data will be deleted from the partition.
    4. Click Next.
      Result: The installation will start.
      Installing Windows screen
      Note: The machine will restart multiple times during the installation and may take several hours to complete.
      Restart screen
  8. At one point during the installation you will be asked to set up a user account and supply a computer name. Enter these in the appropriate fields.
    Account setup screen
  9. After creating the account you will need to set a password for the account and use the hint option to help remember the password.
    Set password screen
  10. After the installation is almost complete, the "Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically" screen opens.
    Updates options
  11. Select Use recommended settings.
    Result: The Review your time and date settings window opens.
    Time and date screen
  12. Change the time and date to the correct settings and click Next.
    Result: The Select your computer's current location window opens. Windows 7 will check your machine in order to set up with the best performance possible for the machine.
  13. When asked, select the correct location of your network. For installation on campus, select Public network (due to the nature of the MIT network).
    Location setting screen
  14. Once this is complete, the Welcome screen opens:
    Welcome screen
  15. You have successfully installed Windows 7.
  16. Reinstall the MIT specific programs that you uninstalled prior to installing Windows 7. All Windows-compatible MIT programs can be downloaded from MIT Software Distribution. Certificates required. Desktop screen
  17. Restore your personal data from the backup you created prior to the installation of Windows 7.

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April 25, 2016

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