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Q: What is the Unified Communications Self Care Portal?

The Unified Communications Self Care portal is a web based interface that allows the end user to manage, change and update settings on their Cisco IP Phone.

The user can customize settings such as:

  • Manage your phone, download the specific User guide for each phone type you manage.
    • Please note that not all features in the phone guide may be accessible, these may be limited by your administrator.
  • Setup and assign Speed Dial/Abbreviated Dial numbers. (Note: 5 digits for internal contacts, 10 digits for external contacts).
  • Set up ring settings and behaviors for any phones that may be assigned to you.
  • Manage whether you wish for your phone to log missed calls.
  • Manage your personal contacts by allowing you to store the phone numbers/email addresses of your most common called contacts.
  • Link theses same settings between multiple phones you may manage.
  • Manage your call forwarding properties of the phones that are assigned to your profile.

IM & Availability

  • You can set the Do Not Disturb settings to apply to your phone, such as if you are in a meeting.
  • Turn on your status policy to update your status policy when there is a meeting listed on your calendar.

General Settings

  • You can set/reset your phone services pin which is used for such things as Extension Mobility (if this feature has been assigned to you) and Personal Directory access.
  • If you have a Cisco IP Phone, you can login to make changes within the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal
  • Choose the link Managed via Cisco Interface and enter your MIT Kerberos account credentials (username and password).
    • You must be on the campus network of MIT or connected via the VPN to use this site.

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November 02, 2016

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