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Welcome to MIT VoIP BroadSoft Cloud

As part of the ongoing modernization of MIT's telephone infrastructure, Information Systems and Technology (IS&T) has migrated from multiple legacy systems to a modern, unified, cloud-based service.
  • This document provides a brief comparison of the legacy and new systems, help with your voicemail messages on the legacy system, and information about the transition.
  • Click to see an MITvoip Cloud Broadsoft FAQ.
  • As of The Summer of 2020. All VoIP phone lines are now on Broadsoft. As such, this article is being maintained to present what changes were made.  The Legacy System is completely moved to the New System for all lines. 

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Where Do I Go Next?

Comparison of Legacy and New Systems

Item    Legacy System    New System   
Name Sylantro/Unity BroadSoft
Type On premise Cloud based
Manage your accounts and devices
Access the web portal
Dial in # x3-0000, 617-253-0000 x8-6245 (xV-MAIL), 617-258-6245
After dial in, enter your PIN Passcode
Voicemail storage limit   Unlimited for phone and email 30 days for phone, unlimited for email
Email as it appears in your inbox
Email Header

What Do I Need to Know About the BroadSoft System?

  1. You will need to create a Passcode (PIN) to use the phone's Voice Portal menu system.
  2. If your voicemail is stored on the server and accessed through your phone (rather than email) you will also need to set up your voice mailbox by recording your name. Instructions are provided in the KB article MITvoip BroadSoft Cloud Voicemail Landing Page.
  3. After your transition you can manage your account at and your phone and voicemail features at

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August 18, 2021

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