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User Principle Name (UPN) Changes for Exchange and WIN

What change is IS&T making?

IS&T is updating all user accounts Exchange and Win domain User Principal Names (UPN’s) to end in the suffix (from &, respectively). The UPN will now map to the user email name as well.

Why is IS&T making these changes?

This is to ensure a consistent user experience when using both Exchange and cloud services. Now members of the MIT community will always be able to specify, when asked for the full username with domain.


Your email clients auto-discover feature still uses your email address (i.e. to find your server settings, however in the past when building a new profile when it came time to authenticate it was necessary to enter either EXCHANGE\username or username@EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU. This change will now allow you to use either with EXCHANGE\username or username@MIT.EDU.


By default, computers in the WIN domain are set to logon a user via the cross-realm trust to ATHENA.MIT.EDU, so if you simply enter your username and password this is what you are using and there will be no visible changes.

IS&T is taking precaution to notify you of a few while uncommon yet possible scenarios where the UPN change may be noticeable. If you are using a domain laptop which is sometimes used off campus you may be using a “cached” logon while at home, which is a logon where your credentials are verified with information stored locally on your computer from a previous on campus logon.

There are a few possible variations to the user credentials that can be entered and what the results would be for those credentials when returning to campus. The scenarios are as follows:

  • username@ATHENA.MIT.EDU: no changes
  • WIN\username: no changes
  • username@WIN.MIT.EDU:  this will stop working after the second on campus logon after returning to campus, we recommend using one of the two previous methods listed above if you are using this third logon format.

If issues are encountered users can logon when on campus as WIN\username or username@ATHENA.MIT.EDU or username to get an updated login cached credential.

Who do I contact if I need additional assistance?

Please contact

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August 26, 2015

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