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Uploading HTML pages with embedded images to Stellar

Q: How do I upload an HTML document to Stellar without breaking the images of videos embedded on the page?


You can upload documents that contain more than a single file, such as an HTML page and its embedded web of pages. These files are referred to as compound documents. When adding such a document, first create a ZIP or JAR file that contains all related files in a hierarchy with a single top page, such as INDEX.HTML, in the hierarchy. The compressed file can include subdirectories.

Because all pages in the compressed file are referenced relative to the top page, links to other pages should be relative links. That is, they should not have absolute URLs that include domain and web server names, but rather path names that show where they are in the hierarchy of pages under the top page, such as the following URL: contentdir/content_a.htm

Any links to files outside the compressed file should be absolute links, as in the following URL:

In order to add a compound document, first configure the class website to unpack compound documents. You do this by checking the Enable Unpacking Of ZIP Or JAR Files option on the Website Settings page. Your users can then click the title link of the document and see the top page in the browser, and all links work as they should within the document. If you do not configure the class website to handle compound documents, unpacking the file will be left to the browser when a user clicks the title link.

Upload a compound document to a topic just as you would a single document. The only difference is that you must also select the option stating that the file is a ZIP or JAR file and enter the relative URL of the index page for a ZIP file.

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