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Stellar restricted materials error

Cross Registered student receives error message when trying to access restricted materials.

When a cross-registered student tries to access a restricted file with their Collaboration Account, they see this error message:

"Sorry, we cannot provide access to this resource.

We are bound by our license agreements to provide access to this resource only to current members of the MIT Community.

Your authentication credentials indicate that you have logged in using a Touchstone Collaboration Account - credentials from Collaboration Accounts are inadequate for access to our licensed content."


Restricted materials on Stellar sites are only viewable by those students authenticating with their MIT Kerberos accounts. Those students logging into Stellar using a Touchstone Collaboration Account, won't be authenticated as MIT users, and will be restricted from viewing restricted use documents and other electronic resources.

Cross-registered students need to register for a Kerberos ID. They can do so at or by contacting the the IS&T Service Desk (, 617-253-1101).

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August 30, 2017

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