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Stellar Access for Cross-Registered students


  • As a cross-registered student, there are two options for enrolling in an MIT course, and accessing course materials via the Stellar course management system.
  • In many cases, the first option, registering for an MIT Kerberos account, is the preferred solution. This option will enable you to access restricted course site materials, and, if applicable, to access Stellar Gradebook.

Harvard-specific cross-registration
Harvard students wishing to cross register for a course at MIT will be provided with an automatically generated Kerberos ID by default. If there is an error with the automatic account creation, for whatever reason (API is down, etc.), the student will be provided with an automatic email with information on how to create their account.

More information about Harvard cross-registration and registering for a Kerberos account at MIT can be found here

Register for a Kerberos account.  (recommended)

  • Students from Harvard, Wellesley, MassArt, School of Museum of Fine Arts and Brandeis have the ability to register for an MIT (aka Kerberos or Athena) account.
  • In many cases, this option will provide a better Stellar experience, as it will enable access to restricted materials for the semester, and, if applicable, access to Gradebook.
  • Instructions will vary based on your school's procedures. See below for specific instructions. The general process is as follows:
    • Contact the instructor or administrator for the course and obtain permission to join the class.
    • Use the links below to access the needed forms.
    • Obtain the instructor's signature on the forms and bring them to the MIT Student Services Center.
    • When registration (or pre-registration) for the course is complete and the Kerberos account has been activated, access to the Stellar course site will be available on the following day.

Join the class as a participant, using a non-MIT email address, aka Collaboration Account

  • The instructor or administrator for the course adds you to the course site as a participant, using your non-MIT email address.
  • This will trigger an email to be sent to you, asking you to "Please create a Collaboration Account".
  • You will then be able to create an MIT Touchstone collaboration account and password.
  • You will receive a separate email asking you to activate your MIT Touchstone collaboration account.
  • You will then be able to log into the Stellar site. Note that the email address for the Collaboration Account must match exactly the email address that was added to the Stellar site. If you have an existing account under a different address and try to access Stellar, you will see an error message.

Note: Depending on the specific licensing agreement of the content you are trying to access, users with a non-MIT email (MIT Touchstone collaboration account) may not be able to view restricted materials. To gain access to these materials, you will need an MIT Kerberos ID.

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August 24, 2017

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