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Stellar Access Management

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MIT email addresses and activated Touchstone collaboration accounts

When an instructor, administrator or TA adds someone's MIT e-mail address or Touchstone collaboration account to the membership list for a Stellar site, using the newly released Membership module, access will be available to the Stellar course site after 20 minutes.  Please note that Students cannot access the Membership Module.

Adding users who do not yet have an activated Touchstone collaboration account

  • If the user does not have a Collaboration account, the instructor or administrator may still add their non-MIT e-mail address to the membership list for their course site.
  • Adding a non-MIT email address to the membership list will send an email to the non-MIT email address and ask them to create a Touchstone Collaboration Account.
  • Once they have created the account, they will receive a separate email asking them to activate the account.
  • The user will temporarily be listed in the membership list as provisional user until they log in with their Touchstone Collaboration Account.
  • After the first login to Stellar, the membership list will automatically be updated with their information.

Who can grant access to a Stellar site?

Those requesting access to a particular course site, past or present, should be encouraged to contact the Instructors or Administrators of that particular site. Access Control Lists are independent to each site. Access is not inherited by previous semester sites.

In addition to Staff being listed on the front page, you can find the Staff list with contact information as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Class Homepage in question
  2. Click on Staff list located on the Navigation Bar on the left to be presented with the list of instructors.

What is Global Access for an instructor and how do I enable/disable it?

Information about setting global access can be found here: Stellar Learning Modules - Setting global access for staff

Why did I get an Access Denied message in Stellar?

Someone could receive this message for a couple of reasons.

  1. Click Login: If the person is sure they are listed in the membership list for the Stellar site, they may not have pressed the LOGIN button for the Stellar site before trying to access any of the other links in the navigation bar. Please ask them to press the LOGIN button to access the Stellar site.

  2. Check Membership list: The user may not be listed on the membership list for the class site they are trying to access. It may look like they are logged into the Stellar site because their username will appear under LOGOUT. This happens because they have logged into another Stellar site previously and Stellar recognizes their account. However, when they try to access any of the other links in the navigation bar, they receive the Access Denied message. They should fill out the web form under the Access Denied message and submit a request be added to the site's membership list. If they need to be added as a TA or admin, they should specify this in their email.

Why do I get a redirect loop when logging into Stellar with my Touchstone account?

The email address added to Stellar must match that of your collaboration account exactly. Otherwise, Stellar won't know who is trying to log in and will throw an error which Touchstone doesn't know what to do with, causing the redirects loop.

1. Have your instructor check closely the spelling of your email address in the Membership list of the Stellar site. (eg: Brandeis is the correct spelling, Brandies is incorrect.)
2. Ensure you are logging in with the email address your professor or TA added you to the membership with

What happens in Stellar when a student drops a class?

When a student drops a class, the Registrar removes the name from the class list. There may be a delay in the Registrar's processing of the data, particularly at the start of a semester. During this interim period, an instructor can prevent the student from accessing the class by choosing to block them from the class site.

To block a student from the Membership list:

  1. Log in to the Stellar site.
  2. On the navigation bar, click Membership.
  3. On the Membership page, click the Block link next to the student's name.
  4. On the Block Student page, click Block.

The student's name remains on the list with an Unblock link to grant access again. The Block and Unblock actions have no effect on registration status.

If a student is listed in the section of the site, please be sure to remove them from the section's membership list before they drop the class. If they are not removed from the section membership first, they will continue to appear in the section even after they have been removed from the main class membership. It will take another 24 hours for them to be removed from the section membership list automatically.

Can I access Stellar on a mobile device?

The short answer is yes.

If you are accessing Stellar via, you will not have the full functionality of Stellar available to you. However, you will see the latest news and announcements for any class with a Stellar site. You can also find faculty and staff contact info (and instantly look them up in the people directory).

If you would like to utilize the full functionality of Stellar, you may go to [] and log in to your Stellar site. That link will direct you to your @Stellar page as you would see on a non-mobile device, bypassing the mobile interface.

For Helpdesk Consultants:

If this article does not resolve the issue, please see the Stellar Recon page .

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December 05, 2016

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